revolution post

If you are going to start:

-because “the sooner I start the sooner I’ll finish”

-because “……….told me so”

-because “everybody is doing it”

-because “it worked for ………. so I’m going to do the same”

If you are going to start:

-Convinced that you are going to nail it in two days

-Saying to yourself “nobody is going to notice this tiny error”

-Believing that “my life is going to improve radically”

If you are going to start:

-when “the timing will be ideal”

-when “everything will be perfect”

-when “I’ll master this topic”

Do yourself a favour and stop right there.

If all paths were flat, you could still get to your destination despite dragging your feet. If the only obstacles were hills, you would only need to lean on the stick of instinct to carry on. The problem is that, sometimes, there is just no path. And you have to create one. Pushing weeds away, smashing through thick underbrush, designing a new way, using your senses to find a new direction.

What your sector, or any sector for that matter, needs isn’t more manpower.

What it needs is a revolutionary.

Are you the one?

Start a revolution is the title of the talk I will be giving in PuntoMOM. See you April de 18th in Oviedo!.

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