Having good ideas is crucial nowadays, regardless of your job. Those who stick to the rules, the ones that do things “as they have always been done” are the ones lagging behind. More and more our culture rewards those who break up schemes, the people willing to change perspective, the creative genius.

But having good ideas is not always easy. Wouldn’t it be great to have a machine that could provide us with tones of brilliants ideas, at the touch of a button? While we wait for some genius to invent it here you have a few tools for having more and better ideas. If you don’t understand Spanish you can read them below:

-Try new things and make changes: a new magazine, a different type of food, a new route to your work, moving things around on your desk or your home…try to give the brain new experiences. It will make more connections and right there, inside those connections, you’ll find new ideas.

-Become best friends with “What if?” If you need an idea to solve a problem, ask yourself “What if I turn it upside down?” “What if it was huge/tiny/an animal/a liquid/a piece of furniture…?” “What if I had to explain it to a toddler? Or to a martian?” Changing your focus could be the key to finding the missing piece.

-Embrace mistakes as important steps of the process: ideas don’t appear “just like that”. The Eureka moment is a myth, great ideas are always the result of a long incubation process. Remember: you need to have lots of bad ideas before you come up with a good one.

-Take a walk: don’t become obsessed, change scenario, go do something relaxing. Sometimes that’s all you need…as soon as you start doing something else…bang! the idea magically appears.

-Find your creative heroes: make a list of geniuses that inspire you, people that you admire because of their ideas or their creativity. How would they approach that problem? What would they do to find a solution?

What about you? Which tools do you use when your mind goes blank? I’d love to read them!

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