I love my Kindle but I’m sure that you’ll agree with me: there is nothing like the real book, That sensation when you are going through the pages or the smell of an old bookshop…these are just precious.

The same happens with board games: even though there are amazing Apps for kids and adults (last newsletters were dedicated to them, if you missed them subscribe now to have access to the archives), in many aspects they will never be like the real games. That moment when you pull out the board and you start dealing the cards remains pretty special.

Here you have a selection with some of my favourite games. These are all games for adults or teens, but as you’ll see my eldest daughter (8 years old) enjoys some of them too.

-CONCEPT: I’m super fan of this award-winning game. It’s fun and will help you improve your creative writing, your lateral thinking and your storytelling abilities. My daughter loves it too.

-TABLE TOPICS: the perfect game for dinners with friends. With dozens of conversation starters guaranteed to create a special night.

-ENIGMAS ABSURDOS and MEDITACIONES DISPARATADAS*: Can you guess the end of these stories? Two fantastic games from the brand Edge dedicated to push your imagination.

-TIMELINE: Each set of cards has a theme (movies and music, inventions, discoveries…) Will you be able to arrange them in chronological order? A great game for grown ups and to help teens have a global vision of the things they study at school. They should be compulsory in History classes!

-HANABI: A super fun game about fireworks. In this game there is no winner so it is wonderful to develop team-building skills. Perfect for travelling. (from 8 years onwards).

-BLACK STORIES: If you like misteries, police stories or murders this is your game. Each box has a lot of them divided into areas (middle age stories, real crimes, urban leyends…). Be creative and try to solve them. Adults only

-MINDMAZE*: Each set has a collection of amazing facts My favourites are “A little of everything” and “Detectives”. For grown ups and teens although if you select the cards you’ll be able to play with kids too.

-DIXIT ODISSEY: You probably know DIXIT, without a doubt THE game you must have at home. DIXIT ODISSEY is the latest version and it is as awesome as the original one. Playing DIXIT is always such an experience. Recently my girls have started playing too and I love listening to their points of view. This game is simply unbeatable.

What about you? Which are your favourite games? I’d love to try some new ones!

 *Spanish or German only, sorry.

SHARe iT :)