Creative Genius

If you want to become a creative genius believing you already ARE one is key.

As kids we feel quite confident about our creativity but unfortunately, once we become adults, we see ourselves as zero creative and close the door to that possibility.

I love reading bios of creative people because when you do so you discover that they tend to have many daily habits in common . So who knows? Maybe introducing some of these habits in your daily routine is all you need to become a super genius.

In this video I share a list of my favourites. If you can’t understand Spanish you can read them below:

Be an early riser: People like Frank Lloyd Wright, Georgia O’Keeffe or Hemingway used to wake up at dawn. They were convinced that those early hours, away from daily interruptions and duties, were the best to focus on creative tasks.

Fall in love easily: Many painters like Picasso fell in love with an idea and threw themselves into it but after a while they would abandon it, just as easily, to focus on something else. Sometimes we stick to an idea instead of moving on and we shouldn’t. It may be just the first step to a bigger and better idea.

Don’t work in silence: Recent studies have discovered that a silent ambience may be detrimental to a creative task. According to research, constant monotonous noises like the ones produced by coffee shops, trains or airports increase our creative productivity. Working at home? No worries, apps like Noisly can provide you a variety of ambient sounds.

Always carry a notebook: not only is it important to write all your ideas down as soon as they come to mindf, but it is also a way of validating them unconsciously. It’s like saying to yourself “I’m sure I’ll have great ideas today so I’ll need a notebook to write them in”.

Start an absurd habit: Beethoven’s first coffee of the day had to have exactly 60 coffee beans in it. Somerset Vaughan could only write if he had a white wall in front of him. Patricia Highsmith only eats eggs and bacon when she is writing. Apparently having a crazy habit is compulsory when it comes to creativity so start choosing yours.

Stick to a routine: you may think that creatives are chaotic and disorganized persons but that is not the case. The more you stick to a routine the less your mind will be busy thinking about daily stuff and the more it will be able to focus on creativity. William James used to say that he could create because his tasks were automated. The day he became president Obama decided to start wearing only grey or brown suits. He wanted to eliminate small decisions so he could focus on taking the bigger ones. If every time you sat down to write you have to think about where you are going to do it, at what time, in which notebook, with which pen…all those little thoughts will eat into your mental space, hindering creativity.

Which of these habits are you going to embrace? Maybe you have another one that you’ll like to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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