kindness Sparks & Rockets

Kindness is out of fashion. And that’s too bad, because kindness is infallible in making you and others feel better: if you are having a blue day, exchanging a smile with a stranger or finding that someone is holding a door open for you is enough to lift your spirit.

Nothing moves us like an act of kindness. And I think that may be because, even if we have forgotten about it, kindness is innate to human beings:

I’ve got a challenge for you: here you have 10 acts of kindness. Think of a number below 10. Read the one that corresponds to your number and try to make that act in the next few days:

1-Call or email that friend that has just started a new project to remind her that you believe in her idea.

2-Mail a loving postcard to your mum or dad, especially if they live in your town.

3-Leave your travel advice inside a guide (more info here)

4-Write about that fun day you spent with friends a while ago and share your writing with them.

5-If you travel by bus or tube, buy an extra ticket and give it to a stranger.

6-Spend an hour teaching something new to a kid (your child, your nephew, your coworkers daughter…): how to tie their shoes, how to bake a cake, how to play chess…

7-Smile to 5 strangers.

8-Donate a couple of your books or dvds to your local library

9-Babysit for your friends or relative’s kids.

10-Find a teacher that made an impact on your life and write him a letter.

Let’s make kindness cool again. What other things could you do to make someone’s day better?

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