Matar el éxito Sparks & Rockets

People everywhere promise infallible methods, wonderful techniques and must-have manuals that guarantee instant success.

So since there are tons of people out there that are willing to help you triumph, today I wanted to leave you a few tips for never, ever becoming successful:

(If you don’t understand Spanish, you can read them below)

-Be afraid: the fear of failure is widely talked about but the fear of success is just as frequent and dangerous. Success brings many changes, and changes, as you know, are scary. Sometimes when we are about to reach our goal we self-sabotage ourselves with mechanisms such as “what if I lose my integrity?”, “what if it’s not what I was expecting?”… and allow success to pass on by.

-Search for perfection: if you spend the whole day searching for the perfect shot, the perfect sentence…you won’t be productive. And the less you are, the more chances you’ll have of losing success. Perfect doesn’t exist; there will always be something better and people who are on top know this. Zuckenberg, for instance, has written the words “Done is better than perfect” on the walls of Facebook offices.

-Surround yourself with negative people: the pessimistic, critical and untrustworthy ones. Toxic people who rid you of your energy. People who thrive surround themselves exclusively with motivating, enthusiastic and positive people, so avoid this type of company if you want to fail.

-Be jealous: if you want failure you have to consider someone else’s victory your defeat. Those who have had success are pleased to have other people on top; they consider it a motivation to improve. They don’t even mind if people copy their ideas. “Let people copy your ideas”, said Seth Godin. “Ideas don’t get smaller when they’re shared”, he saids, “they get bigger”.

-Say yes to everything: another secret to failure is not giving yourself priority, wanting to please everyone and not listening to your own instinct.

-Stop learning: if your passion turns into a business, if you feel that you’ve mastered your field completely, if you lose the desire to get better… then rest assured that success will never come.

What other ideas can you think of to ward off success? What things do you believe lead to failure? Don’t forget to share your ideas. And I hope you have that infallible mechanism and the perfect formula to be super successful.

SHARe iT :)