That which is not written, does not exist
Egyptian proverb

We all hide a story. One that goes beyond our roles, the façade, what other people think or even beyond what we have said to ourselves. A story that is the sum of experiences, emotions and lessons learned. And that deepest, true story, we don’t always tell because sometimes we ourselves don’t even know it.

Getting to know that story means looking yourself in the eye and listening. It’s about feeling your sense of self and shining a light on your path. It means going back home.

Since I studied Writing for Self Discovery in London, ten years ago, hundreds of people have filled their pages with me. Hundreds of brave people that wanted to get away from the daily noise for a moment to face the silence of a blank page. People who kicked their fear away and were surprised to discover the world they carried inside.

This summer give yourself a bit of time to reconnect with yourself through your pages. If this process is guided with exercises and specific techniques, a few minutes a day is enough. Let your lines talk to you and you will regain your voice.

Accompanying you on this journey would be an honor for me. Thanks to the new online sessions (info here), you won’t need to be in my city or meet me through Skype anymore. For six weeks we will exchange letters and postcards, on paper and online. I will propose some exercises that are best for you and help you read between the lines. Grab a pen and paper, look for some envelopes and stamps and get in touch with me. I’m looking forward to bringing your story to light.

Writing with Nuria Pérez

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