Finally it has arrived, after much thought and research, suddenly and in a flash: a great idea. Now what?

Here you have a series of steps that will help you take your idea from paper to practice:

(If you don’t understand Spanish you can read them below)

Study this moment: what made your idea come to light? What were you doing? What were you thinking about? What turn did you take? Analysing the moment will be useful for you to go back to it in the future and come up with new ideas.

Seize it: the moment we get an idea is similar to the one when we fall in love. Suddenly everything turns into pink, positivism abounds, we enjoy everything, we feel energized… it’s the perfect time to tackle the things you find most difficult or those good intentions left forgotten.

Keep thinking: who knows, maybe giving a last spin to your great idea ends you up with a gigantic idea.

Find allies: who can help you put this idea into practice? Who can improve it? Who will you need? Plus, telling others about the idea will make an abstract thing in your head turn into something real.

Accept the critiques: not everyone will like your idea. Le Corbusier once said: “whoever has an idea must wear a shell”. If the critique is constructive then use it to improve or change your idea without getting bogged down. If it’s not, or if you believe your idea is perfect, accept the critiques with respect and let them pass.

Don’t give up: an idea is just the first step. You will have to take many more and some will be tedious and difficult. Don’t lose the focus on your final objective and consider each step a stair up towards your goal.

What other steps can you think of to put ideas into practice? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below; I’d love to learn from them.

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