Creativity is one of the most important skills in the workplace. Having ideas that are new and original, linking concepts, finding new approaches to old problems…these are all key abilities today’s leaders need to master.

Here you have a lateral thinking training that will help you rejuvenate your creativity. You can do all sets of exercises in a row or try one a day. Whatever rhythm you choose I hope you enjoy them and I hope they will ignite new mental conexions and fuel your ideas.

(If you don’t understand Spanish you can read them below)

1-What if there were no?


or cows?

or concrete?

or the blue color?

or the letter A?

what if babies were born able to speak from day one?

what if you had to move home every two years?

what if working or school hours were midnight-7:00am?

what if we had four legs?

or we didnt had memory at all?

2-Build 4 sentences, with these sets of words each:





3-How many can you think of?

-Reasons to send back a soup in a restaurant?

-Things that explode

-Book titles that have a person’s name.

-Reasons for being late at work

-Jobs an octopus will suck at.

-Titles for a love song dedicated to a spider

4-What’s the similarity between?

-a fork and an umbrella

-a trapezist and a professor

-a pencil and a flower pot

-a dolphin and a squirrel

-a ball and a museum

5-What do you prefer?

-Being a jeweller or a lion trainer? why?

-Winning an Olympic medal or the Nobel Prize?

-Being an incredible singer or an incredible painter?

-Being lucky or being funny?

-To be a stone or a piece of fabric?

That’s it! I hope you enjoy thinking about these topics. Focusing of such different things may be what you need to suddenly have that idea you’ve been waiting for. If that happens, don’t forget to tell me all about it!

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