How difficult it is to listen to ourselves in these days full of noise. How hard it is to silence out our doubts and find our truth, when thousands of opinions shoot from everywhere.

However, getting to know your inner voice is the basis for undertaking any path. Identifying what matters to you. Understanding and embracing the lessons from your past. Taking the time to glance inside yourself and calmly observe. To discover one’s self again. To go back home.


Nuria Quilis and I are united by the love for a simple life, silence, life values, genuine contacts. And we are also united by a passion for writing. That is why we would like to accompany you on a journey through your lines to explore your past, your present, and your future and understand who you are.

An adventure we will live in Passage Privé, surrounded by furniture full of memories and stories to tell.

IMG_9184 copia
Pic:ale magale
It will be a small group. We will write among friends and discover that, sometimes, someone else’s story hides the key to understanding our own.

6 sessions of an hour and a half each. If you enjoy writing and would like to understand your story, sign up now. We’ll begin on the 30th of September.


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