incertidumbre sparks & rockets

Remember the time when people would say “go for this degree because you will find work for sure”? The days when we’d hear “that investment is guaranteed”? Or “that business will be booming in no time”?

That’s over. These are the times of doubts, insecurities, mistrust and hesitations.

And apparently this much uncertainty scares us.

However, stop to think:

It was uncertainty, the not knowing, that made you devour that book or fall in love with that series. Uncertainty is the mother of enthusiasm and creativity; its mystery brings energy into our lives and prevents boredom.

And that achievement, the one not even you expected, may be owed in part to your uncertainty. Because it is, after all, the mother of effort, the one that tells you “keep on trying, you have to give it all because it may not go well”. Without it, the ego reigns, humility evaporates and failure often sets in.

If you could see the future that lies ahead of you, in complete detail, you would never be surprised again. You wouldn’t marvel at what you are capable of doing and your life would be a succession of monotonous days.

You’d be left with certainties, and that is not always good: certainty is the mother of expectations. And expectation is often mother to deceptions.

Uncertainty is the challenge that gives meaning to our lives. Welcome doubts; praise doubts. All great thinkers crave them. Because doubt is the first step towards a question and, if we stop questioning, everything loses its importance.

In the end, the moments of uncertainty are those that make us who we are. The ones that make having a dream an exciting adventure.

So yes. Personally, I hold onto uncertainty. Hopefully it will never be taken away from me.

SHARe iT :)