Miriam Alia

Miriam is all an inspiration. She is one of the most stylish people I know and, thanks to her tenacity and effort, she has managed to build up on that talent and make a life out of it and a passion.

When I met Miriam she was a whirlwind of ideas. However she had a clear mission: her dream was to make the leap from decorating houses to decorating public spaces like hotels and restaurants. What was not clear to her was how she was going to get there – she needed to make a transformation to her personal brand and that’s when our work together began.


I’ve asked Miriam to tell you her experience personally:

Miriam, what made you choose a program like Sparks & Rockets?

The truth is that it was all mere coincidence; I can say I found it without really looking for it. Browsing the internet I came across the website, found it interesting and started reading. I was at an important point; I was beginning to create my own brand. And I didn’t know where to begin. I started reading and it was like love at first sight! Creativity, ideas, personal development… I realized I had to be a part of the program so I could start fitting everything that was flowing through my head into place.

What role did the program play in your new personal and professional brand?

Without a doubt, CONFIDENCE and STRENGTH. Every idea and concept I had in my head started falling into place. And all those goals and dreams which seemed unattainable, began coming closer. The confidence to stand out from everyone else – that’s what would make me unique and leave behind my fears and insecurities.

And what did it provide on a personal level?

Besides earning a friend, I’ve gained a worthy dose of confidence. At the end it shows both professionally and personally. Betting on what one wishes for can be difficult, but without a doubt I can say the path has been much easier and above all I have enjoyed carrying it out step by step.

Would you recommend the program?

Undoubtedly! It has been vital for me. I wouldn’t know how to describe the process, all I know is that little by little all the pieces began falling into place perfectly and I never doubted about how and when to do what. It has been a wonderful experience that I certainly recommend to all of those who have concerns and want to turn their life around.

Miriam’s progress has been incredible fast. She has worked very hard, with constancy and determination. Her new website is fantastic:

Miriam web

And all her efforts were compensated in May, when she had her own space in CasaDecor and everybody loved it. This first big step has given her lots of joys,  I’m sure it is the beginning of a great journey.

Miriam casa decor


Thank you Miriam, it´s been lovely working with you!

If, like Miriam, you also have a dream but don’t know where to start, begin this new school year with one of Sparks & Rockets sessions. If you have any questions write me and we’ll figure together which programme suits you best. 


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